Be a gentleman, even in bed!

Stylish appearance, wonderfully comfortable.

Official Suitjamas by Suitos.

The difference between a man and a gentleman...

With a suitjama you turn every night into a luxurious experience. Suitjamas pajama suit; tailored pajama suit, stylish appearance, wonderfully comfortable. You feel totally different in a Suitos pajama suit!

Are you still in your old boring pajama set? In an old shirt and some sloppy pants? And then you wonder why your partner is not that attractive to you? Rewind: read the first part of this text again. “Tailored, stylish and comfortable pajama suit.” Now think how you would look in a Suitos suitjama?

You don’t only look different, you’ll feel different: Like a boss in your house and like a boss in your bed!

Be a gentleman, even in bed!